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Our summer hotel is centrally located in Lofoten and is an excellent starting point for many different trips, experiences and activities.


Henningsvær is the worlds first fishing village that is culturally protected. Fiskeværet tells an important part of Norways history. The cultural environment is of national value and shows the development from rowing village to modern fishing village from the 19th century to the present day. Today there are also great galleries, cozy cafes and many small shops and workshops.

Henningsvær fishing village.jpg

The mountain Småtindene

One of several trips you can start from the yard. And if you are going all the way up to enjoy the beautiful view, you must check the weather forecast first and be prepared for a mountain trip. Medium difficulty, 6-8 hours.

2000_Petter Olsen_topptur.jpg

The historic place Storvågan

Storvågan was a trading post from 1800, and a privileged inn from 1811. Archaeological finds and written sources show that in the Middle Ages, 1100–1400, Storvågan was the commercial center of what was then Hålogaland. May have been one of the country's first three purchases. The Lofoten Museum in the trading post's stately main building from 1815 provides a presentation of the history of the district and the Lofoten fishery. Theme and traveling exhibition. Rorbu from the 18th century, with Nordland boats in the boathouse. The Lofoten Aquarium shows fish and sea animals from the northern Norwegian coast and northern areas


Sherpa stairs

Just above Svolvær towers the mountain Fløya. The walk, which takes place partly on a sherpa staircase, is steep with an airy and beautiful ending. Along the way, you pass the spectacular rock formations Geita, Frosken and Djevelporten.

Djevelporten/the devel gate, Svolvær.jpg

The beautiful island of Gimsøya

Gimsøya is one of the smallest islands in Lofoten, but beautiful with its beaches and cliffs facing the ocean. You can enjoy the midnight sun down by the sea or up on the mountain Hoven.

Lofoten, Gimsøya, rock on the beach, midnight sun.jpg

The nearby mountain Tjeldbergtind

Midway between Svolvær and Kabelvåg lies the fine, small mountain Tjeldbergtinden. You can climb the mountain from both Kabelvåg and Svolvær side. Beautiful 360 view. You can also see across to Skrova, Hammarøya, Steigen, Landegode and all the way down to Træna on a clear and fine day.

The nearest mountain is called Tjelbergtind. Amazing view!
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