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We buy whole fish and whole carcasses, and we invest heavily in organic products. Our food must be short-lived and can be defended from an ethical point of view in terms of energy consumption. And as our chefs say: - When it's like that, it's fun to cook, then we can be proud of what we do!

There is always a good atmosphere in the dining room

The dining room is an important place

And of course what is on the table is crucial for well-being. Tasty, healthy and varied food is a prerequisite for good conversations and laughter around the tables. We have plenty of time, plenty of space and a panoramic view of the mountains.

Breakfast included for all

A good and healthy breakfast is included for all our guests, whether you stay at the summer hotel or the hostel. We bake our own bread and rolls, hot smoke the salmon ourselves and use local ingredients as much as possible.
We serve all our guests a good and healthy breakfast
We have our own bakery and bake our good bread and rolls ourselves

Great food pleasure

Our summer hotel is full of people who love food. Primarily the kitchen staff, of course, but also many of the other staff are dedicated hobby cooks. And if you are interested in food or just want a tip or a recipe, our chefs are happy to share their delights with you.

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