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På vinteren er vi folkehøgskole

At the end of August, young people come from all over Scandinavia and a little from the rest of the world too, to attend Lofoten Folkehøgskole. The school is more than 120 years old and is located on beautiful Finneset in the heart of Kabelvåg's sheltered harbour. We offer courses in outdoor life, climbing, skiing, surfing and photography.

The folk universities have a large presence in the Nordic countries and Denmark, but are relatively unknown in the rest of the world. The educational focus is on the students' motivation and personal development, therefore the schools do not have exams or give grades. We believe that the student learns most through interaction and dialogue with other fellow students

Norway's folk high schools and we welcome international students; they add an exciting diversity to the school and can give us new insight into how young people see the world.

As part of the educational scheme, the pupils live at the school around the clock, together with their fellow pupils. and eats all his meals at school.

Our school is also flight-free, which means that we do not use planes on school trips, but only travel locally to get to know this beautiful part of the country even better.

Read more about our school her:

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