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Great walks straight from the yard

Lofoten summer hotel is close to the sea and many great hiking areas. Choose whether you want to walk along the sea, in fields with many nice lakes or up the mountain.

You choose the difficulty level of the mountain tour yourself:

  • The mountain Tjeldbergtinden (367 m) is a nice trip of 2-3 hours with super 360 views. Feel free to bring some water and something to eat. Maybe also some extra warm clothes in the bag.

  • If you want to go even further up, we recommend Småtindene (700 m above sea level), which is a nice day trip. Moderate degree of difficulty, somewhat sturdy mountain shoes will do, but bring water and a good lunch and extra clothes in the bag, preferably both wind/waterproof and a warm jumper packed in the bag as well.

It is important to check the weather forecast before you go on the mountain, please let the reception know where you are going and intend to return, and they can also give you good advice for choosing a route and other good hints for the trip.

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