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Egen vedfyrt badstue på brygga

In our wood-fired sauna down on the jetty, you can relax after a long day of adventures and activities. Feel free to combine with a fresh sea bath. The sauna is idyllically located by the sea inside Kabelvåg's sheltered harbour.

A sauna is healthy, and can be compared to a moderate workout, says the research. The heat makes the heart pump extra, but above all it is relaxing and social.

Book the sauna at the reception, calculate about 1-2 hours of heating to get it really hot.

Always be more if you want to combine it with sea bathing, safety is important.

The sauna was built by the students at the school together with the caretaker. Notice the details and the old building technique used.

In the old days, the sauna was often the cleanest house on the farm. The hot sauna bath kept the people healthy and the lice and fleas away. In the sauna, the clothes were also washed and various types of food were smoked and dried. Many a birth also took place in the sauna.

It is great now that the sauna has had its renaissance and often appears as creative architectural works of art. Perhaps it is because the young are beginning to find their way back to culture, history and old traditions. They will give themselves more time. What's more, a sauna is both a physical, spiritual and a great social activity.

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