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Campfire cabin with sea view

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Feel free to enjoy the afternoon or evening in our nice campfire cabin. Great view over Kabelvåg harbor and the Vestfjorden. Here you can grill and relax in beautiful surroundings.

Bertram, who was a student with us in 2020, was already a trained forest worker from Denmark. After the school year, he stayed behind to build the campfire cabin of the era with a first-class sea view. And what Bertram starts with is always thorough and good, and often with some quirky and creative solutions with style.

The campfire hut has become a wonderful place for our students, here you can enjoy yourself around the campfire and or tie up the hammock for overnight stays.

The campfire cabin and the fine little forest around it is also a great recreation area for our summer guests and a popular place for children to play.

The logs are prepared for the fire cabin
The logs are prepared for the fire cabin ©Peder Pedersen

The campfire cabin under construction
The campfire cabin under construction ©Peder Pedersen

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