Rent of rowing boats

There are few better family experiences than being in a boat in the Lofoten archipelago.

At Lofoten summer hotel you can rent sturdy traditional rowing boats. The boats are equipped with the necessary safety equipment and are available in several sizes. You get  a convenient folder that gives information about nice locations for a break, exciting places you can seek out, good fishing spots and nice restaurants.

Mountain hiking

The mountains in Lofoten can seem daunting to many who see them for the first time. They are steep and dramatic, with peaks and cliffs that take your breath away. But when you take the time to explore them closer, it opens up many fine hiking opportunities-also for those who do not have as much experience. With starting point in Kabelvåg, there are fine hiking opportunities such as Tjeldbergtinden, Småtindan and Glåmtinden. These mountains have good trails that will take you safely to the tops with an absolutely amazing views of the Lofoten Islands. It is incredible to sit with coffee cup and look out over the lowlands and the ocean at the same time. And in our front desk you will meet staff who are highly qualified to advise you on where to find the best hiking routes.

3 great mountain tours in the surrounding area

TJELDBERGTIND (367 m above sea level.)

Tjeldbergtind (367 m above sea level) is one of the most visited mountains in the area. It is a small, but prominent mountain in the landscape.


Småtindan is the name of the mountain range located north east of Kabelvåg. It is a favourite summer and winter hiking area, and there are good paths to most of the peaks.

GLOMTINDEN (419 m above sea level.)

Glomtind is a very popular trip, which is made obvious by the very clear the trail up. Many take a leisurely walk to the top on Sundays, while others take it as a more serious hike or jog up.

Courses in sailing of the Nordland boat

Lofoten Folkehøgskole organizes courses in sailing of a Nordland boat this summer.

The course runs from the 3rd of July to the 8th.  The courses provide in-depth introduction the use of boat and sails, and there will be ample opportunity to try different techniques in practice. The course is open to anyone who is interested, and it is not necessary to have special prior knowledge. For further information and registration, contact with Odd Arne Sandberg, Tel 990 41 242.


Our Lofotsafari is a journey through the archipelago where we get served the best Norwegian coast has to offer of bird and animal life, with a magnificent landscape as a backdrop.

In the beginning of June nature is at its most productive here, just north of the Arctic circle. The vegetation has exploded in green and the migratory birds have come back to their nesting sites for the summer. And it is not yet high season in the tourism industry so you still have a lot of the landscape for yourself!

We start on Røst (a cluster of islands that houses Norway’s largest seabird colony). We will go on a boat trip out between the mountains where the several hundred thousand puffins and a number of other sea birds live. We also have an exciting hike around the flat parts of the islands with has a very distinctive bird fauna, which always includes many unexpected species. For further information, please contact John Stenersen, Tel 9180 7127.